Monero Monitor

About the Podcast

The Monero Monitor podcast is a bi-weekly show centered on news and services related to Bitcoin, Monero, and other key cryptocurrencies. Our show primarily takes on an interview style, but also hosts special panel discussions and facilitates relevant technological and idealogical debates.

The podcast was conceived as a way to bring attention to both progress and pitfalls in the space, and we hope that our work advances public awareness and understanding of the technology, development, and people behind relevant projects and services.

Join us as we explore:

and more!

You can reach us via Twitter (@moneromonitor) or email ([email protected]), or leave a comment on a particular podcast. Thank you for joining us as we chase this complex beast further down the rabbit hole!

Host & Editor: Mike | bigreddmachine
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MikeMike has been following Bitcoin development for over three years, first looking into it after reading an article about running a Bitcoin node on a Raspberry Pi. He spent time following a number of altcoin projects before realizing few of these projects held any long term promise. After first looking into Monero in mid-2014, Mike became more involved in 2015, making a number of contributions to the core Monero projects and developing the Monero Monitor for Chrome browser extension. He views Monero as an interesting project with an uncertain but equally intriguing future.

Scribe: Sava | xmronadaily

SavaAn experienced podcast transcriber, Sava joined the show after hearing the first episode of the podcast to provide transcriptions of the podcasts. Thanks to him, now anyone can read through the interviews in each podcast to find their favorite quotes and read back over what they’ve heard.