Monero Monitor

Episode 14: John Tromp on Cuckoo Cycle & John McAfee on Monero

26 Sep 2017

This week's episode is a two-parter! First up, I talk with John Tromp, inventor of the Cuckoo Cycle Proof of Work algorithm. We discuss what it means to be an egalitarian proof of work and how Cuckoo Cycle targets consumer hardware rather than industrial ASICs. We talk about the puzzle being solved by the algorithm itself, and also discuss what types of performance we should expect with optimized CPU and GPU mining software. After that, I'm very excited to share a short conversation I had with John McAfee about Monero. He's been mentioning Monero on a number of TV networks lately, and we talk about why he likes the project.

John Tromp's blog is The Cuckoo Cycle project can be found at An interesting article on Cuckoo Cycle is on

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